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At Mississippi Lime Company, we believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented and that safety must be a fundamental responsibility of each employee. We also believe that safety and occupational health must be thoroughly integrated without effort to produce high quality products at competitive costs. To support and promote these values:

Senior Management will…

  • Promote safety on and off the job
  • Implement accident prevention programs, systems and techniques
  • Provide a work environment in which identified occupational health and safety hazards are controlled when elimination is not feasible

Site Management will…

  • Be responsible and accountable for a superior level of performance
  • Set minimum standards for work practices which reflect safe and efficient methods for accomplishing the required tasks
  • Correct deficiencies promptly, either through modifying facilities, changing procedures, improving employee training, or disciplining constructively and consistently
  • Educate and train employees regarding hazards on the job

Employees will…

  • Perform their jobs in a safe manner while taking no unnecessary risks
  • Conduct themselves in a way that enhances their personal safety and that of their fellow workers
  • Report workplace hazards and make suggestions for their control
  • Cooperate and contribute toward the overall success of the safety process

These objectives will be achieved with the commitment and support of each employee.

Download the Mississippi Lime Safety Statement.